Purpose of School Community Councils:

School Community Councils will help to strengthen the capacity of schools to improve children’s learning. By helping families to support their children’ learning and by gathering the resources of the community to ensure student well-being Councils will make a valued contribution to the learning success of Saskatchewan students. School Community Councils replace all other entities as defined in legislation.

School Cmmunity Councils are established within the authority of Boards of Education to ensure alignment of accountability, authority and responsibility among the school of the Division.

The purpose of the School Community Council is to:
– develop shared responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth; and
– encourage and facilitate parent and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes.

School Community Council Guiding Principles:

School Community Councils are an integral component of School Division governance. They strive through their membership and their actions to be representative of all students attending the school.

School Community Councils recognize all members of the school community can make a difference in the learning success and well-being of children and youth. In their activities, School Community Councils engage in processes to ensure all voices in the school community are heard and all perspectives are taken into account.

School Community Councils understand school communities are complex environments. Councils recognize the importance of both lay and professional perspectives within the community and strive to appreciate all viewpoints.

School Community Councils conduct their affairs in an open and transparent manner. Councils honour the right to privacy of individuals and treat all information they are privy to with appropriate discretion and sensitivity.

School Community Councils make every effort to respond to the needs and aspirations of the school community they represent. They regularly consult with students, parents community members, the Board of Education, the school Principal, school staff and others. In addition to this, Councils respond to requests for guidance and direction, by the Board of Education, school Principal and other community agencies and organizations that support children and youth.

School Community Councils focus their attention and efforts on key matter that make a difference in student learning and well-being. Keeping in mind their understandings related to their own unique school communities, Councils align their work with provincial and School Division goals and initiatives related to student learning and well-being outcomes.

School Community Councils are committed to fulfilling their role as a vital link in school level governance. Councils evaluate their performance regularly, take advantage of opportunities to build their capacity and account to the public they represent and the Board of Education on their progress.


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